december, 2017

7dec9:00 pmBitchin Bajas (Drag City) & Wume


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Bitchin Bajas (Drag City Records)


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Bitchin Bajas

Bajas Fresh
DRAG CITY • 2017
by Marc Masters

Over seven tracks that span 80 minutes, the expansive, looping, shifting synths and rhythms of Bajas Fresh mark the trio’s most diverse and ambitious record.

Cooper Crain once crystallized the Bitchin Bajas ethos with a simple question: “If you find a good loop that can hold its own musically, then why not use it?” That philosophy has served his group well for going on seven years, and has recently proven just as effective in collaboration. Through work with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Natural Information Society, Olivia Wyatt, and Haley Fohr’s Jackie Lynn, Bitchin Bajas expanded their sound and prodded their partners to do the same. Credit the trio’s knack for finding good loops and knowing how to use them.

In particular, Bitchin Bajas know how to use a good loop for a long time. It’s easy enough to let a cycle grind away forever, hoping that repetition alone will entrance listeners. It’s also tempting to get too proactive and force sonic variety from a loop, as a pre-emptive stab at fending off boredom. Bitchin Bajas excel at finding midpoints between those default poles. They trust their loops to grow naturally but can also shift textures and vary moods to avoid predictability.

That’s why Bitchin Bajas’ music sounds best in extended durations. Their last full-length album, 2014’s self-titled two-disc set, stretched eight pieces across 77 minutes. The trio paid pretty obvious homage to their minimalist heroes—Terry Riley in particular—but lived up to that inspiration by carving their own way through familiar-sounding synth cycles and drones. On their follow-up, Bajas Fresh, Bitchin Bajas continue in long-form mode, filling 80 minutes with just seven tracks—including their longest to date, the 23-minute and 3-second “2303.” But this one is less about homage than exploration. Though no track is a radical departure, Bajas Fresh is the group’s most diverse and ambitious record so far.


(Thursday) 9:00 pm


EMP Collective

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