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9may6:00 pm- 9:00 pm2019 Resident Biennial / Crisis of Connection / Tongue PuddlesOpening Reception


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Opening on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 – School 33 Art Center presents three new exhibitions: “School 33 Art Center’s 2019 Studio Resident Biennial”, featuring new works from the current studio residents at School 33, curated by George Ciscle; “Crisis of Connection” a group show curated by Alexander Jarman; and “Tongue Puddles” – an installation by Danni O’Brien.

All three exhibitions will be on view from May 9 – August 24th, 2019.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11am-4pm. Location: 1427 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

“School 33 Art Center’s 2019 Studio Resident Biennial” (Main Gallery)

Mary Baum
Lynn Cazabon
Cheeny Celebrado-Royer
Rachel Guardiola
Taha Heydari
Luke Ikard
Tiffany Jones
Lauren R. Lyde
Sylvie van Helden
Stephanie J. Williams
Curated by George Ciscle

This bi-annual exhibition highlights the work the studio artists currently in residence at School 33 Art Center. Since 1979, the Studio Artist Program has provided exceptional workspace to more than 150 artists working diverse areas of contemporary visual art.

In 2008, School 33 Established the Studio Mentor Program, which facilitates in-studio critiques as well as professional development for resident artists. Prominent practicing artists and arts professionals from the Mid-Atlantic region are invited to provide support and constructive feedback, helping artists to fulfill their creative goals. Every two years, a chosen mentor also serves as curator for the Studio Resident Biennial.

“Crisis of Connection” (Members Gallery)

Markele Cullins
Alexander D’Agostino
Darius Johnson
Ian Lewandowski
Lex Reehill
Matthew Savitsky
Xavier Schipani
Kurt Simonson
Curated by Alexander Jarman

As the 21st century marches on, the increasing visibility and acceptance of queer, non-binary, and trans-men in mainstream culture have begun to complicate traditional notions of male identity. These nascent, disruptive movements have unfortunately paralleled a global public backlash in which perceived “strong men” have been elected to national leadership, in part because of their ability to link the traits of toxic masculinity to not only good governance but even morality itself. Their projections of power depend upon fixed and static notions of traditional maleness that characterize the objectification and degradation of others as acceptable.

This paradigm reinforces a crisis of interpersonal emotional connection among male-identifying people, hampering our society as a whole. The artists of Crisis of Connection work to expand the geographies of gender by creating and highlighting images of male-identifying people that allow us to see men as tender, vulnerable, and nuanced.

“Tongue Puddles” (Project Space)

With Tongue Puddles, Danni O’Brien populates the Project Space with an ensemble of hard and soft objects suggestive of jewelry, flora, playground equipment, and road signs to form a frolicsome and unabashedly feminine installation. Her studio practice revolves around latch hook rug making – a kitschy and nostalgic craft technique with which she builds fuzzy, fibrous “paintings” of abstracted motifs from her adolescent girlhood. O’Brien employs this process to grapple with notions of femininity, domesticity, and craft, also exploring the material’s redolent and tactile qualities. She constructs and incorporates twisting, bulbous forms from found objects, wood, and cardboard coated in paper pulp, arranging the resulting series of cheeky, off-kilter objects into an immersive landscape that encourages touch and play.
Image Featured: Lynn Cazabon, “Melt”, still from 4k video, 2018


(Thursday) 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


School 33 Art Center

1427 Light Street, Baltimore MD 21230