October 9, 2015 – November 1, 2015 all-day
Platform Gallery
116 W Mulberry St
Baltimore, MD 21201
a r t + c r u s h : Kaita Niwa @ Platform Gallery @ Platform Gallery | Baltimore | Maryland | United States

October 9th- November 1st 2015**
Opening reception: October 9th 7-10pm**
Gallery hours: Saturday- Sunday 11-5pm

Platform Gallery is pleased to present art + crush: Kaita Niwa, on view at 116 W Mulberry Street. This group exhibition will highlight the concept of the art crush- a phenomenon where an artist would admire, follow, and be inspired by another artist. This exhibition will include the works by: Michael Dotson, Priscilla Jeong, Kaita Niwa, Angel Oloshove and Cecilia Salama.

art + crush is an annual exhibition curated by Platform with the hope of celebrating art crushes as a studio practice. art + crush is an investigation into the relationships between the crusher and the crushed. Crushes are more popularly recalled as painfully beautiful experiences of infatuation. They are loyal loves from afar that usually end in some sort of odd admiration. Due to social media and web trolling, crushes can now blossom without even the slightest of communication. To develop an art crush, an artist must be faithfully dedicated to support and awe of another artist’s work and studio practice. art + crush: Kaita Niwa presents Kaita Niwa’s newest body of work while exhibiting the work of his crushes: Michael Dotson, Prisilla Jeong, Angel Oloshove, and Cecilia Salama.

KAITA NIWA was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1991. He received his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2015. Niwa focuses on the need for commercial value in his work, a present custom in Japan, as well as the aesthetic standard created by Western Art History. His work is Confronts his obsession with the organic process with which new images, symbols, and, in this case, idols gain legitimacy through a shared collective understanding is perpetually at odds with his personal health and the desire to sever all ties with the digital. Niwa is currently living and working in Baltimore, MD.

MICHAEL DOTSON received his BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio and his MFA in studio art from American University in Washington, DC. Dotson has been included in a number of exhibitions continentally as well as solo exhibitions in Paris, France; Baltimore, MD; and LA, California. Dotson’s flat patterned paintings begin with a composition of stills from early Disney animations. The patterns distort and encapsulate dismembered characters of nostalgic scenes. Each work fluctuates between a surreal space and a seductive surface due to the flattened composition. Dotson lives and works in New York.

PRISCILLA JEONG born in Bryan, TX in 1990; lives and works in New York City. She studied at School of Visual Arts, NY. Recent exhibitions include Interstate Projects : 99 Cent Plus Gallery, NY; NEWD Art Fair : Signal Gallery, NY; National Arts Club, NY; Art Basel at Hotel Astor, Miami Beach; Sunset Drive Gallery, Miami Beach; Objectify 139 Essex, NY; Visual Arts Gallery, NY. Jeong’s works explore contemporary social anxieties followed by searching for perfect health and peace through consumer objects. Jeong uses surreal humor to highlight the pathetic situations experienced in her narrative or self-discovery.

ANGEL OLOSHOVE born in Temperance, Michigan in 1981. Oloshove studied Painting and Drawing at California College of the Arts. Went on to work in Tokyo, Japan in toy design and graphic design. She started working with ceramics again at Baltimore Clay Works from 2009. In 2011, Oloshove moved to Houston, Texas and had a studio practice the Glassell School of the Arts. She currently lives and works in Houston, TX. Her work reflects her life experience as designer and commercial artist living in Japan for six years. She took sculpture workshops at small studios tucked away in massive apartment buildings and apprenticed with Japanese doll artists. In Japan, she learned the importance of creating intimate interactions with the viewer and developed a true sense of artistic integrity. She is interested in connecting to the viewer in an ethereal way. She draws from her travels throughout Asia where she absorbed abstract religious iconography juxtaposed with supersaturated pop culture. The pairing of sacred sites with ultra-modernity continues to influence her. This iconography has become abstracted though the cultural hot pot and is a part of her visual vocabulary. Oloshove wants to make beautiful relics that connect intimately with the viewer and offer up golden moments of transcendence.

CECILIA SALAMA works in the fluid space between physical and digital, three-dimensional and screen. With an interest in how far the digital world has seeped into our private realms, domestic sculptural motifs are inserted into installations: casts of office objects, custom welcome mats, towel bars, and exercise equipment. Her work has been exhibited recently at Norte Maar, Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Harbor Gallery, Circuit12 Contemporary, and Momenta Art. She currently has a solo show up at The Java Projects in Greenpoint. Salama’s work is the contemplation on the fluid state in which we live our lives– half physical, half connected by a computer. The Internet is a dangerous gatekeeper. It allows us another level of privacy, enabling us to buy products in the comfort of our own homes. But the information stored in our (digital) key-chains exposes us to a new kind of vulnerability, and suddenly we’re faced with the possibility of losing this new type of privacy. The process of the works mimics this contemplation– half physical, half digital. Prints were created using images of sculptural work in process. The works present a new domesticity colored by the digital world, and probe what it truly means to do anything these days – in private.