Our Team

Cara Ober, Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

Cara Ober is an artist and the founding editor and publisher at BmoreArt, Baltimore’s art and culture magazine. She writes regularly about the culture of artists, museums, and material culture, with particular focus on context and subtext in the art world. In 2019, she was awarded a Rabkin Art Writers Grant and was commissioned by the Warhol Foundation to write “Artspeak and Audience” for Common Field’s Field Perspectives Series. Ober has published articles in Vulture: New York MagazineHyperallergic, Burn Away, Art Papers, ARTnews, The Baltimore Sun, and written a number of curatorial essays. Ober been a professor and lecturer at MICA, Johns Hopkins, American University, UMBC, and Goucher College. She holds an MFA in painting from MICA and a degree in fine arts from American University. Email her at [email protected].


Rebekah Kirkman, Managing Editor

Rebekah Kirkman grew up in Seminole, Florida, then moved to Baltimore in 2010 to study painting at MICA. She became an editorial intern at the Baltimore City Paper in 2013, and then a regular freelance contributor. She earned her BFA in 2014. Later that year, City Paper hired her as an arts writer, fact-checking coordinator, and intern manager. She eventually became the visual arts editor, too, and wrote criticism, essays, and profiles, extensively covering various social concerns surrounding the arts, including the reported essay “Abuse and Accountability in the Arts Scene: A Reckoning,” co-written with Maura Callahan. After the Baltimore City Paper shut down in 2017, she freelanced for the Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Fishbowl, The Outline, and BmoreArt, among others. Email Rebekah with pitches at [email protected].



Suzy Kopf, Director of Distribution and Marketing

Suzy Kopf is a Baltimore-based artist, writer and educator. She graduated from The New School University with a BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons and a BA in Art History from Eugene Lang College. She completed her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in July of 2016. She is the recipient of several residency fellowships and research grants. She is the co-founder, creative director and acting curator of the Gowanus Swim Society, a Brooklyn, NY based art collective. You can email her with distribution requests, ideas for collaborative partnerships, event sponsorships, and opportunities to work with us at [email protected].



Jeffrey Kent, Co-Director of the Connect+Collect Program and Space

Jeffrey Kent is a Baltimore-based artist, curator, and culture producer based in Baltimore. Kent and Ober work together to run BmoreArt’s Connect+Collect program, an initiative designed to build relationships between artists and collectors that includes speaker series, studio tours, and a gallery. Kent is the creative director at the Peale Museum, and former former director of the SubBasement Artist Studios, a gallery and studio space.


oehmkea_BmoreArt_headshotA.F. Oehmke, Staff Writer and Weekly Columnist, The Internet is Exploding

A.F. Oehmke is a Balitmore-Based artist, cultural critic, and arts administrator. Michigan native, Oehmke moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she was a Fanny Blaustein Thalheimer Scholar and she is now enrolled at Cranbrook in graduate school. As a student at MICA, Oehmke served as an undergraduate representative on the President’s Task Force on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Globalization, in addition to working in the office of Diversity and Intercultural Development, the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development, and as a teaching assistant for the foundations and art history departments. Email her at [email protected].


0096bw1Rebecca Juliette, Calendar, Events, and Call for Entries Manager

Rebecca Juliette has the heart of the artist and the brain of a librarian. The person who invites her to their party knows that by the end of night their record collection will be alphabetized by category. She studied music at Western Maryland College but somehow ended up with a science degree. A love of fiber arts soon swept her out of the lab and into the world of knitting, sewing and weaving. She owns multiple pairs of scissors, each with a specific use. Rebecca is BmoreArt’s calendar savant. Send your press releases, calls for entry, and events to her at [email protected]!


AngelaNCarroll-3 Angela N. Carroll, Art and Film Writer

Angela N. Carroll uses illustration, citizen journalism, documentary film, words, and experimental animation as primary mediums to contribute to and critique the archive. Music and meditation are her medicine. She is an artist-archivist; a purveyor and investigator of culture. Follow her on IG @angela_n_carroll or at angelancarroll.com.


Jill Fannon, Photographer

Jill Fannon is a Baltimore-based artist and photographer. She shoots regularly for BmoreArt’s print journals, especially Wearable Art photo essays, and online at BmoreArt.com. On the weekends, Jill photographs the Ravens cheerleaders, usually when they are midair. IG: @jfannonphoto and @allofthewindows


Kerr Houston, Writer and Art Historian

Kerr Houston has taught art history and art criticism at MICA since 2002. He is the author of the book An Introduction to Art Criticism (Pearson, 2012), and his recent writings range from an article on a metaphorical aspect of the Sistine Chapel chancel screen, in Source, to an extended essay on Candice Breitz’s Extra, in Nka.



Lyric Prince, Art Writer

Lyric Prince is an artist and writer by way of lapsed academic. Her interests include researching the complex relationship of modern social justice movements to social media, as well as art and culture within the African Diaspora. She obtained a M.Sc. in Science, Technology and Society at Drexel University in 2015, and a B.A. in Fine Art from Saint Joseph’s University. She currently lives in Arlington, Va. Read more at her Website.


Michael Anthony Farley, Art Critic

Michael Anthony Farley is an artist, critic, curator, and drag performer who splits his time between Baltimore and Mexico City. He is a graduate of MICA and UMBC. IG:  @juvederm_delinquent



Kelvin Bulluck, Photographer

Kelvin “Kel” Bulluck is a Maryland-based portrait photographer that specializes in fashion, editorial and beauty imagery.  His work has been featured in various print and on-line publications such as Essence, Rolling Out Magazine, The Washingtonian, Baltimore Style Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily and every issue of the BmoreArt Journal, just to name a few.  His style is best described as clean, while encompassing a spirit of simplicity, allowing viewers to fully take in his subjects.


Brandon Soderberg, Film Writer

Brandon Soderberg is a Baltimore-based reporter covering cops, drugs, and activism and a critic writing about movies, music, and cannabis. He writes regularly for BmoreArt and combines film criticism with analysis of regional art and culture and links his thematic essays with local screenings and related films you should rent from Beyond Video. IG: @notrivia



Brett McCabe, Art, Culture, and Media Writer, Assistant Editor for BmoreArt Print Journal

Bret McCabe first moved to Baltimore in 1988 to study biomedical engineering at the Johns Hopkins University. He left six (ahem) years later with a degree in anthropology. The college loan tally for his undergraduate career made the prospect of borrowing more money for grad school terrifying, so he decided to embark upon a highly lucrative and prestigious career as a writer. That’s right: he worked as a temporary freelance medical transcriptionist and medical science research grant writer. Extremely patient editors let him start writing for an alternative weekly in Dallas in 1996. Since he’s stumble upward—or at least sideways—writing about music, film, and performing and visual arts for a variety of different web sites, journals, and print publications, some of which are still in operation today. In 2001 he returned to Baltimore to write for the Baltimore City Paper, and in 2011 he joined Johns Hopkins Magazine. He is still paying off his college loans.