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BmoreArt is a Baltimore-based webzine and print journal dedicated to smart daily discussions of local art and culture. Our publication’s mission is to build community, to publish the highest quality content, to document the region’s changing cultural landscape, and to provide critical analysis to an engaged local and international audience. BmoreArt’s readers are creative professionals, art students, artists, makers, curators, collectors, and arts administrators.

Not only does an advertisement at BmoreArt show your support for the arts in Baltimore and surrounding areas, it guarantees a connection to thousands of intelligent readers with a passion for culture. BmoreArt’s readers are discerning and creative consumers, interested in living locally and exploring Baltimore and Washington’s rich variety of neighborhoods. They also enjoy locally produced products, including food and drink after an opening or performance.

 BmoreArt is “Best Local Resource” – Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore 2014

BmoreArt has garnered Best in Baltimore awards from Baltimore Magazine and the Citypaper, as well as grant funding from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, the Warhol Foundation, and a Mellon Arts Innovation Grant from Johns Hopkins University. We are active on social media with thousands of Facebook fans, a growing list of Twitter and Instagram followers, and have moved into sound and video conversations with a new SoundCloud and Vimeo page. BmoreArt sends a weekly newsletter to a subscriber list of 6000+ and our articles are shared on social media across the globe.

BmoreArt is expanding to include curated events, exhibits, and speakers as well, including BmoreArt Talks at the Lord Baltimore Hotel and a collaborative Art & Music series at WTMD Studios. Not just a publication, BmoreArt is an essential way for readers to participate in the local arts culture and to support the arts.


Started in the early days of independent online blogs, BmoreArt has evolved with technology to reach and connect with a diverse local and global audience. We understand the need for a multi-faceted digital ‘ecosystem’ – a family of platforms and strategies to reach a variety of audiences.

We employ digital media strategies as a means to an end: to build authentic relationships with audience, create connections between individuals and communities, and to motivate community members to show up, share in ownership of arts and culture in Baltimore, and to have a vested interest in the art being produced here.

Social Media Stats:

Online Site Subscribers: 12,000

Newsletter Subscribers: 6,000

Instagram: 17,400

Facebook: 5,000

Twitter: 3,000

Site Visitors: 25,000 Unique Visitors and 70,000 Page Views

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