BmoreArt is a community-based collaborative art publication that reflects the culture of Baltimore and the surrounding region. The award-winning art magazine exists online and in print, and also engages through social media and events. We provide creative and critical coverage of Baltimore’s cultural landscape and work with a diverse team of local writers, editors, and artists.

We believe that Baltimore’s culture producers and creative makers deserve to be discussed, critiqued, and informed. BmoreArt documents a unique arts community on a daily basis and presents it to an engaged local and international audience. Our mission is to build awareness, equity, and community through critical dialogue about art and culture in Baltimore.

BmoreArt is the area’s “Best Cultural Resource” – Baltimore Magazine Best of of Baltimore 2014

Cara Ober founded BmoreArt in 2007, after recognizing that Baltimore had no comprehensive art-centric source of information for events and openings and for critical dialogue. Over the past decade, BmoreArt has grown to include The BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas, a biannual print journal, an ongoing speaker series, and an engaged presence on social media.

Designed to encourage participation and inclusion in the region, BmoreArt publishes a weekly ‘Picks’ post every Tuesday, with a curated list of the best exhibits and events.

In addition, our site includes a calendar of cultural events , a gallery and resource guide, a weekly e-newsletter,  call for entry page updated on a daily basis, and numerous opportunities to participate, share, and comment.

Started in the early days of independent online blogs, BmoreArt has evolved with technology to reach and connect with a diverse local and global audience. We understand the need for a multi-faceted digital ‘ecosystem’ – a family of platforms and strategies to reach a variety of audiences.

We employ digital media strategies as a means to an end: to build authentic relationships with audience, create connections between individuals and communities, and to motivate community members to show up, share in ownership of arts and culture in Baltimore, and to have a vested interest in the art being produced here.

Social Media Stats:
Online Site Subscribers: 12,000
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Site Visitors: 25,000 Unique Visitors and 70,000 page views