Call Type: Award
Eligibility: National
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Fee: $0.00
Entry Deadline: 1/17/20

Each year, the Western European Architecture Foundation awards the Gabriel Prize-a $20,000 grant for the study of classical architecture and landscape in France. Prize winners embark on a three-month itinerary of their own devising. While abroad, Gabriel laureates focus on some particular aspect of French architecture: for one recent laureate that meant the monastic cloisters of provincial France; for another, the arcades of Paris. Whatever their individual program, prize-winners work closely with the Foundation’s European representative, a Parisian architect who is available for regular criticism and discussion. This provides one constant in the laureates’ time abroad. Drawing provides another. Prize winners spend much of their sabbatical sketching, measuring, and, in the course of three months, producing three large drawings. In the process, each laureate comes to know some of the masterpieces of France.