Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: National
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Fee: $35.00
Entry Deadline: 10/10/19
The Red Show.

Over 16,000 years ago, one of oldest know figurative artworks depicting a bison was created inside the Cave of Altamira in Spain using red ochre. The color red has been used to create works of art before language, before history. With this color comes an almost infinite amount of meaning, of symbolism and of psychology. Cultures have used the color red to dominate, to empower populations, to strike fear into the eyes of enemies. Red has the power to seduce, to warn, to celebrate, to embarrass, and to ignite.

CORE NEW ART SPACE invites all artists of any mediums to express what red means to them. Entries must be submitted electronically by October 10, 2019 and accompanied by a $35.00 fee (for up to 3 works).