A portrait sounds like a relatively straightforward thing — a picture of someone — but across time it has proven to be much more elusive. For any rule you might devise to define a portrait, there is always a bona fide portrait that defies that rule. At a certain point, portraiture seems to be less of a genre than a blurry constellation of suggested guidelines, or even just something you have to see to recognize. That’s when it’s time to stop theorizing and start looking for the best in contemporary portraiture.

Our juror for the The Portrait is Doug Beasley. Douglas Beasley’s personal vision explores the spiritual aspects of people and place and is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life.

As founder and director of Vision Quest Photo Workshops, he teaches workshops that emphasize personal expression and creative vision over the mechanics of camera use. His workshops are held at art and photo centers around the world, as well as mentorships and private workshops held at the Trade River Retreat Center, his cabin in Northwest Wisconsin.

Along the way, Doug has become more involved in curating exhibits and promoting the work of other photographers. He is in awe of all the good work being produced. This led him to acquiring Shots Magazine to continue to promote great and unusual photography that often doesn’t get seen in mainstream publications.

35-40 Selected images will hang in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month with the opportunity to be invited for a solo show at a later date. Openings are timed to coincide with Greenville, South Carolina’s First Fridays, a celebration of art, food and music.

Submissions Now Open

Submissions Close 10/6/19

Exhibition Opens 12/6/19