Creativity. Beauty. Community. Opportunity.

Cannabis Creative is a visually stunning art book series that revels in the joy and creativity of cannabis. We collect, select and showcase the very best displays of creativity made by local cannabis consumers in each state. We’re now accepting online art submissions for our first-ever Cannabis Creative book, the Maryland Edition!


More than Just a Book.

Cannabis Creative offers its audience a celebration of art, beauty, knowledge and a community of people who appreciate the merging of artistic brilliance and the legal use of cannabis. To the contributors we hope to provide exposure of their brilliance to a national stage. To the medical cannabis patients, we offer education and information in order to make informed product choices.


Support the Cannabis Creative Community!

Submit your creative works of art: paintings, drawings, sculpture, murals, glass work, wood work, fiber work, metal work, prose, music, comedy, dance, theater and transformational success stories. The main criteria is that each piece was inspired by, through the use of, or made possible due to cannabis, including CBD. We’re on a mission to raise awareness, educate, and offer you, the artist, an opportunity to benefit from our mission and submit your artwork for consideration in our first-ever Cannabis Creative book.


Apply Online:

Entry Fee: Free

Deadline: 5/31/19