Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual Design

Take part in the Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. 2019

FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme

Aesthetic products that recall the human figure or fantastic figures, represented by dolls and puppets, up to the virtual productions of avatars, are products through which man since ancient times represents himself, his own world, his own stories, fears and fantasies.

The act of control on these products its self becomes an object of reflection by artists starting from the first decades of the twentieth century, especially with reference to the protagonists of metaphysics and surrealism.

Today the mannequin subject not only represents the individual who became an automaton and a production machine, but also an individual who became a compulsive consumer immersed in a world in which mass mediatic information and bombardments determine their own culture, lifestyles, customs and world view.

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Deadline 7th July 2019