Call for Artist “2°Piano Art Residence” is now online to participate in the selection of the program of artistic residency organized by the association Z.N.S.project. The competition is open to Artists, Creatives and Curators. You can apply by April 15, 2019 from the Via Murat Art Container site, click here.

The small center of the Taranto province, Palagiano, is confronted for the fourth edition with the Contemporary Art. The Artist Cristiano Pallara, in collaboration with Z.N.S.project invites Artists, Creatives and Curators to explore, interact and reinterpret the territory. Society and town become the subject of investigation and artistic production, with the possibility to work in the workshop space “Via Murat Art Container”. It is a Independent platform for meetings, discussion and interaction of ideas.

Art helps us to get to know each other better and to appreciate the true meaning of things. This is the slogan that characterizes the program. How do you do it? Art has the ability to search for questions, to invite reflection, to return impressions, to stimulate answers; it uses exchange, transforms it into knowledge, reflects meanings, allows one to tell oneself. Characteristic of the program, say the organizers, is the sharing of spaces and knowledge for the re-launch of the territory through Art and Creativity.

Designed by Artists for Artists, “2° Piano Art Residence” is a family, sociable and stimulating welcome. An experimental residence program, an autonomous initiative, independly, based in the province of southern Italy (Palagiano / Ta-Puglia).

“2° Piano Art Residence” focuses on dialogue, production and enhancement of contemporary art and culture. It is an open platform that welcomes and seeks interaction with people. Artists, creatives and curators will follow one another in exhibitions and residencies, creatively and intellectually enlivening the everyday life of “2° Piano”, “Via Murat Art Container” and Palagiano!

Propose your project. Get involved!

deadline  15 April 2019.

All information on the site, click here