Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: International
City: Lexington
State: Kentucky
Fee: $0.00
Entry Deadline: 11/15/18

LexArts, in collaboration with Town Branch Fund, is initiating an international RFQ selection process for public art to integrate artistic design into the landscape of Town Branch Park. InterACT will engage artists to tell the story of the history and ecology of Town Branch Creek using Arts, Culture, and Technology.  Artists are asked to design modern interactive artistic elements geared toward kids, making the park more accessible to all ages and elevating interaction and civic engagement in the space.  InterACT will celebrate the unique cultural and ecological significance of our downtown through modern interactive programming geared toward youth.
At least one artist will be selected and paid $25,000 for design development.  The artist will collaborate with SCAPE Landscape Architects and Biederman Redevelopment Ventures to develop a prototype and integrate their artwork into the landscape design of Town Branch Park.