HERE TODAY, We Are SNAG Membership Series


Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: Unspecified
City: Eugene
State: Oregon
Fee: $25.00
Entry Deadline: 9/15/18

When considering the temporal qualities of metalwork, it is often its endurance over time that comes to mind. Jewelry is passed from one generation to the next, is tied to memory and intimacy, and historically, the stability, durability, and preciousness of its materials added value to its composition. With the Studio Craft movement coming to the fore in the 1950s, the correlation between value and material was subverted, and the possibilities of expression in the field expanded dramatically. This exhibition seeks to explore the notion of “ephemerality” in its widest definition, showcasing work that explores transience, is comprised of impermanent materials, incorporates memorabilia and “ephemera,” and/or exists through time-based performance and photography. This online juried exhibition intends to represent the diverse work and making practices of our membership and is open to jewelry, body ornamentation, sculpture, installation, photography, and the like.