The 2018 International Art Festival will take place at the Highline Loft Gallery, which is located in the trendy West Chelsea Arts Building, Manhattan. Far West Chelsea is best known for the institution of Thursday night art exhibitions, where there world’s greatest contemporary artists present their works to the taste-making New York art public.

International Art Festival to be held October 4-7, 2018. We invite you to submit your work free of charge for consideration and selection to be part of this exhibition.

You are invited
to submit your work
for FREE

Our sale exhibitions are well-attended and covered by local and international media outlets. During the past five years, International Art Festival, Inc. has sponsored annual competitions and sales exhibitions of work by leading figures among establishing and emerging contemporary artists. International Art Festival generated a warm response and great excitement among trend-setting members of the New York community who support and patronize contemporary artists. We invite you to view video footage of recent exhibitions,

Our main purpose is to provide select artists with an opportunity to present their work to the New York and International art-buying public.
We want to work with you on facilitating your access to the art market, and on enhancing your profile with the public and among your peers.