Application Deadline: November 1, 2018 by midnight

Maryland Art Place (MAP) is proudly accepting love letters of all types on behalf of “The One Thousand Love Letters Project” and the exhibition “Beyond Beautiful”, created and curated by artist Peter Bruun. This exhibition is slated to open January 17, 2019 at Maryland Art Place, with a partner site for the exhibition located at Area 405.

ABOUT “BEYOND BEAUTIFUL”: Beyond Beautiful focuses on eight topics: “Wild Horses” – Love’s tenacious hold through addiction and mental illness; “Forever Family” – Love as the foundation through thick and thin; “Cupid’s Arrow” – The power of romantic love and its sway; “Love Thyself” – Where the healing power of love begins; “Such Sweet Sorrow” ~ The ache of loss and lingering aroma of deathless love; “Drive All Night” – love abides despite barriers or physical distance; “Honeysuckle Words” ~ Words of love from writers and poets in all their nuance and “The Thousand Things” – Love in all its surprise, its beauty, its infinite colors.

Maryland Art Place is seeking individuals to contribute love letters to participate in creating content for this unique exhibition. Peter Bruun, both curator and artist, will use these love letters to create 1,000 artistic responses to be displayed in the exhibition at MAP and Area 405. To date, Bruun has created over 600 drawings using excerpts from participant’s letters to contribute to “The One Thousand Love Letters Project”. Letters do not need to be submitted based on the above listed topics and can be submitted digitally or physically.

Love letters of all kinds are accepted: of joy and loss, regret & titillation, complexity & simplicity. *Submissions may consist of actual letters, or poetry or prose in any format dedicated to love: a eulogy, a poem, a text message, a note scrawled on a napkin. They can be to a romantic interest, a friend, a family member, an idea, or yourself.

To download the full prospectus and more information on how to apply, click here.  

Questions? Contact  [email protected]