Artists Invite Artists Proposal 2018

Call Type: Proposals
Eligibility: Unspecified
City: Newcastle
State: Maine
Fee: $0.00
Entry Deadline: 6/15/18
Number of Applications Allowed: 20

Watershed’s summer residencies are organized by artists—who propose a theme related to clay and recruit a handful of other artists to join them for a session. We call these Artists Invite Artists (AIA) Groups. To apply to lead an AIA residency, you must develop a session theme and recruit at least four (and up to 8) other artists to participate in the residency. As the lead artist, you attend Watershed for free; your invited artists receive a 15% discount off their residency fees.

The balance of seven to ten additional participants in each session register independently, often drawn by a shared interest in the session theme. Once at Watershed, all artists work side-by-side in the Watershed studios, forming one community.

Applications to organize a residency are due annually on June 15 in the year prior to the residency. Applicants will be notified in early August of their status.