Grad Show II is currently on view and features work by students in the Post Baccalaureate Fine Arts and Graphic Design programs, and the Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Practice and Graphic Design programs. Each of these programs has a different exhibition, in one of three locations, that come together to constitute Grad Show II. The Post Baccalaureate Graphic Design exhibition is located in Fox 3 Gallery in the Fox Building.

The Post Baccalaureate Graphic Design program is a one-year, intensive study in the field. This year the program is directed by Maureen Weiss, the sabbatical replacement for Sandy Maxa. The exhibition is fast and fun compared to the rest of Grad Show II, but also has moments of meditation. Some of the projects use humor to engage with political topics, and others take a deep dive into design’s use of the omnipresent grid.



Cora McKenzie, Reel Fish


ML Howell, Garden Party


Qiuwei Huang, Botanist


Ashley Fletcher, Cado&Co


Allison Weinstock, Reality Check


Meb Myrne, One Day in Mount Vernon


George Nichols IV, Suspended Animation



Charlie Francis, Subliminal Design: Revealing the Grid





Carolyn Wolf, Abstract Memories 


Sylvia Li, Capturing Carbon Dioxide


Chad Greenberg, Carry The Burden


Aidan Quinlan, Good Morning, Empire


Lindy Zhu, Wanderer


Jessica D. Brown, Level Up


Genevieve Ott, Coven


Avery Parker, NashTransit Line


Meng Hsuan Lin, From Above


The Post Baccalaureate Graphic Design exhibition of Grad Show II will be up through April 8th in the Fox 3 Gallery in MICA’s Fox Building. Click here more information about the exhibition and the other Shows.