MICA’s Grad Show II by A.F. Oehmke

Grad Show II is currently on view at MICA and features work by students in the Post Baccalaureate Fine Arts and Graphic Design programs, and the Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Practice and Graphic Design Programs. Each of these programs has a different exhibition, in one of 3 locations, that come together to constitute Grad Show II. The Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program occupies the Meyerhoff and Decker galleries in the Fox Building.

Some works are political, addressing black masculinity or wealth inequity within the city, and others seem to marvel at design. Most of the projects, however, have an interactive element to them.


Potch Auacherdkul, State


Yunzi Liu, Who Killed Mr. Stripe?


Vishnu Venugopal, Toggle 


Huijun Cynthia Zhu, Something for nothing


Fangting Gu, The Thinking Trap


Aurora Colón, Not Created Equal


Junyi Shan & Zejun Wang, Octopus


Mengxi Wei, F-Word


Jenna Klein, Spiced Design Ham


Chase Brody, Future Perfect Tense


Yi Pan, The Drawer


Kavya Barthwal, The Feeling Matrix


Luying Sallie Xu, Post Body Objects


Stefon Kelly, Unmasking Hypermasculinity


Vidhi Trivedi, Micromatter


Annie Kao, Anytwo


Daniel Spurgin, Drive Slow


Katja Flükiger, Blob By Blob: Designing a World


Anqi Pan, Allergy Triggers