A Sunday Reading List by A.F. Oehmke

The internet was crazy this week. Highlights: O.J. Simpson was released from prison, Hugh Hefner died, PETA yelled at the Guggenheim, Donald Trump continues to tweet, the mayor of San Juan is “mad as hell,” and protests have erupted in Spain over the Catalan Referendum. Oh, and it’s October.

Here are 10 must-read articles from this week.

  1. LA Times: O.J. Simpson Released from Nevada Prison
    The Juice is loose! O.J. Simpson has been released from a Nevada Prison where he served 9 years for an armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas.

  2. New York Times: Speaking Ill of Hugh Hefner

    Hugh Hefner died and people had a lot of feelings. There are many more thought pieces like this out there.



  3. Hyperallergic: Guggenheim Pulls Three Works from Upcoming Show After Outcry Over Animal Abuse

    After protest from PETA, and the most circulated petition of change.org of the week, the Guggenheim pulled three works form its upcoming exhibition Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World. Get the inside scoop (maybe) from Xu Bing, one of the artists that had their work removed, during his lecture at MICA this Tuesday.


  4. NPR: On NBC’s Megyn Kelly, Authenticity And The Elephant In The Room

    Megyn Kelly’s new new show is a shitshow.


  5. The New Yorker: Cardi B, the Female Rapper Who Ousted Taylor Swift from the Top of the Charts

    There is a new queen in town! Rapper Cardi B became the first female solo rapper to top the Billboard charts since Lauryn Hill in 1998.


  6. BuzzFeed: Twitter Might Increase The Character Limit To 280 And People Responded With 2: “NO”
    Twitter was Twitter but maybe with more characters. 

  7. NBC News: ‘I Am Mad as Hell’: San Juan Mayor Criticizes Maria Response
    San Juan’s Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is “mad as hell” at Trump… 

  8. The Atlantic: From Donald Trump, a New Low
    …he took it personally, but continues to be himself— in love with Twitter, and with no regard for politics or anyone else. 

  9. The Atlantic: The Spanish Court Decision That Sparked the Modern Catalan Independence Movement
    The Catalan Referendum is currently taking place in Spain… 

  10. The Guardian: Catalan referendum: 38 injured amid reports of rubber bullets fired by Spanish police – live
    …follow live updates from The Guardian.


    *All images taken from reference articles*