Nine Must-Read Articles Which Will Go Stale If You Don’t Read Them Right Now by AF Oehmke

If you have spent time on the internet this week it feels more overwhelming than usual. Since Saturday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall, Taylor Swift released her new single Look What You Made Me Do at the VMAs, Kim Kardashian West claimed the position of America’s First Lady (something Melania has never seemed interested in), and artist Kara Walker announced that she is tired.

Countless articles, op-eds, and memes have been published regarding the contemporary state of America (which is fucked). While many may find pop culture news superficial, it speak volumes to the zeitgeist of our time. Here are 9 must read articles from this week.


1.  A Conservative Critic Posted a Hurricane Harvey Picture about “how [life] ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says.”
The internet (rightfully) had a lot of feelings.


2. Obama Tweeted about Hurricane Harvey
Barrack Obama reminded us of empathy and the way a president should speak and behave when the nation experiences a national disaster. (Also, he is still President according to his Twitter bio).


3. More Than 1,000 Died in South Asia Floods This Summer
While Houston is in the midst of a catastrophe, one has been unfolding in South Asia for months. 


4. Actually, the Old Taylor Swift Is Alive and Well
Taylor Swift released her new single, Look What You Made Me Do, at the VMAs on Sunday. Per usual, she is still victimizing herself…



5. Taylor Swift and the Tale of Unstoppable White Privilege Meeting Immovable White Privilege
…is as white and boring as ever…


6. Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Is the First Pure Piece of Trump-Era Pop Art
…and continuously shirks personal responsibility, speaking to societal complicity.


7. America’s New First Lady: Kim Kardashian West and her Daughter North West by Janet Mock
Kim Kardashian West aligns herself with Jacquline Kennedy Onassis as she begins to use her social capital as political capital.


8. Kara Walker at Sikkema Jenkins and Co.
Kara Walker is tired.


9. Dear Kara Walker: If You’re Tired of Standing Up, Please Sit Down
While it is understandable that Walker is tired, how, why and when she announced it leaves many more skeptical of her and her work than ever before.
Hyperalleric via Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York