Chasing Ghosts II: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond

Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Fee: $35.00
Entry Deadline: 8/30/17

Verum Ultimum Gallery is thrilled to invite artists to explore the theme,  “Chasing Ghosts II: Art that Pierces the Veil through remembrance, legacy, and beyond” and enter work that is any interpretation of the call. They don’t seek to drive the work, they only hope to unveil your unique vision. All mediums and modes of expression are welcome. This call emphasizes the idea of revealing the unseen or the soul in a work of art.  The term ghost may be interpreted in many ways, not necessarily meant to be a literal elucidation.  Does your process manifest an identity within your work that somehow speaks to the past?  What ghosts or parts of the past leave their mark on your work?  Is a legacy revealed through your work or your process? Is memory a vital vehicle of expression for you?  Do you inadvertently honor or flee from something in your past through your work? Verum Ultimum Gallery invites artists to divulge their talent within this expressive theme and haunt our haunt with your vision.