GRL PWR is seeking Baltimore based Drag performers to take part in our new event series, SWEAT! A night of Drag Kings and Queens. The first installment of this series will take place at EMP Collective on June 30th, 2017.

The purpose of the SWEAT! series is to create an opportunity for genuine expression and growth. Gender is not a factor in our selection process nor is experience. We are seeking Drag Kings and Queens who execute persona, vision, and fantasy.

To Submit:

  • Email GRL PWR at [email protected], with the subject “YOUR DRAG NAME – SWEAT”

  • In your email please give 1 to 3 paragraphs explaining your:

    (1) Persona – Your drag name and personality.

    (2) Vision – Why do you do drag? OR Why do you want to do drag?

    (3) Fantasy – Your visual aesthetic and your top three inspirations that define your style.

  • Include links to web presence, website, or social media.

  • Include one photograph of your best look or a look that best represents your drag.

  • Include video of one lip sync performance. *Your video does not have to be a live performance.


GRL PWR aims to create a platform for a diverse array of artist and creatives, specifically: womyn identified, poc, trans, nonbinary, femme & queer artists.

GRL PWR is more than just a dance party. Originally founded by artist and musician Amy Reid as a response to the lack of womyn/femme DJs represented in the Baltimore music scene, it has since grown into a collective made up of three artists based in Baltimore: Amy Reid, Pangelica and Waqia Kareem.

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