“In Care of the White House”: Make art; document it; and send it to the White House.

“Art As The Message”: You make the art and we’ll mail it to the White House for you.

Artist of all genres are invited to send creative work to The White House as messages of hope, messages of concern, and messages of protest.

These projects aim to create a unique collection of political art indicative of this moment, forever to be held within the National Archives’ Presidential Libraries (as mandated by the Presidential Records Act), and a collection of the responses from the White House.

Need some suggestions of what to create? Check out “Art as the Message.” Each week a new theme is posted at “In Care of The White House” and on the Facebook page.

For more information on how to participate in “In Care of The White House” or “Art as the Message,” please visit http://InCareOfTheWhiteHouse.org