Introducing Suzy Kopf, BmoreArt’s 2016 Miami Correspondant, and her team

Suzy Kopf is a painter, professor, and MICA MFA graduate whose think piece “On Giving it Away For Free: Constructive Rules for Artists & Organizations for Art Donations” has become a mainstay in our professional development library. She also provided great coverage in last year’s walking tour of NY’s Armory week in “Consistently Inconsistent” – a roundup of Spring/Break, Armory, Volta, and Pulse fairs.

This year she is heading to Miami to check out as many art fairs as possible, and will be sending us the best and the worst in art and culture she can find on her marathon tour!


Suzy Kopf @suzykopf here, reporting from the ladies room at BWI, about 5AM this morning about to hop on a flight to Florida.

All weekend long I’ll be bringing you the very best and the very worst of as many of the Miami art fairs as my crew of laypeople can stand. That’s right, we’re going to being a little petty, we might be snarky and we’re not going to take ourselves or much of the art too seriously.

Most of all, we’ll be trying to answer that age-old question: “If we’re VIP, why isn’t the champagne free?!”


Accompanying me on this journey through the ecru underbelly of the international art world is: in the pineapple shirt, my comic book-reading partner in adventure, William @the_willenium_falcon, who was miffed I wouldn’t let him pack a wardrobe exclusively composed of shorts. His favorite museum show to date is Mike Kelly at PS1.

Across the aisle, with the beard, we have Bernie who has be talking about commencing drinking as soon as we have reached a cruising altitude. This may be the only sober photo I will take of him all weekend. His favorite artist is Ralph Steadman of @flyingdogbrewery fame.

And next to Bernie, rounding out the crew is the lovely Colleen @ccoddfish, who majored in Art History and hopefully will play the “it’s like an early Dekooning meets Rauschenberg, you know?” game with me, although she prefers 16th century Dutch still lives.

Next to Colleen is a friendly guy we don’t know but he can hang.

We will check in with you later, after we hit the ground running.

You can follow along with them at this site and also at BmoreArt’s instagram!




Our Miami coverage will be a team effort between Cara Ober, Editor at BmoreArt and Suzy Kopf, a recent Brooklyn to Baltimore transplant. Suzy is a painter and just completed an MFA degree at MICA. She is a co-founder of the Gowanus Swim Society, a Brooklyn, NY based art collective.