The 2016 PEM, Mount Royal, Hoffberger, and Rinehart MFA Thesis Exhibits

By Alex Ebstein

The campus exhibitions of MICA’s 2016 PEM, Mount Royal, Hoffberger and Rinehart MFA candidates filled the galleries in both the Fred Lazarus IV Center and Fox Buildings.

Students worked with the conventional and stranger spaces, creatively tucking work under stairs, along wheelchair ramps and along movable, temporary walls. Large-scale works and involved installations most commonly unified the shows overall, and standouts included a maximal installation of paintings by Aschely Vaughn Cone, a pair of installations by Francisca Carvalho and Doohyun Yoon, and a room of video works by Lydia Lee.

Photos below:

DSC04557Large, abstract paintings by Alfsonso Fernandez – Hoffberger

DSC04558Installation by Alice Gadzinski – Rinehart

DSC04559Marybeth Chew – Hoffberger

DSC04561Minimal, quirky installation by Francisca Carvalho – Mount Royal

DSC04563Alana Cooksey – Mount Royal

DSC04565Josh Sender – Mount Royal

DSC04567Alex Schechter – Rinehart

DSC04570Another successful Sarah Sze-esque installation by Mount Royal MFA Candidate Doohyun Yoon (above and below)DSC04574

DSC04577Mary Molony’s beaded, elaborate animals (above and two below) – RinehartDSC04576DSC04575

DSC04600 Alex Grabiec above and belowDSC04599

DSC04602 An exceptionally great installation of large and small paintings propped on platforms and shelves by Aschely Vaughn Cone (above and below) – HoffbergerDSC04603

DSC04605Heather Braxton – PEM

DSC04607 Amber Eve Anderson’s installation above and virtual reality below – Mount RoyalDSC04614DSC04610 DSC04609Daniel Stratis sculptures above and belowDSC04612
DSC04615Interactive installation by Sutton Demlong above and below – RinehartDSC04616

DSC04618Danni Tsuboi tent/video installation – Mount Royal

DSC04620Lydia Lee’s kissing videos

DSC04622Rea Martin above and below – Mount RoyalDSC04624

DSC04626Eric Elmasian Borja, above and belowDSC04627

DSC04628Sarah Al Haddad – Rinehart

DSC04630Yi Li – PEM

DSC04636Jie Zhang – PEM

MICA MFA exhibition recaps are written with support from the MICA Graduate Studies Office.