Get Your Life! Productions in Image, Text, and Video

Get Your Life! Productions (GYL!) is a Baltimore-based, youth-run video production company that creates sustained, collaborative relationships between middle school students, adult artists, and institutions. GYL! extends locally existing resources and gives young people the space to feel creative agency and the potential of a life in the arts. GYL! focuses on unlocking potentiality, dismantling limitations, and imagining new ways of being in the world through production design, field trips, classes with artists-in-residence, large-scale projects, and community events.

GYL! 2015-2016 is Anais, D’Asia, Daja, Dalin, Derrick, Jaida, Karisma, La’Daya, Lee, Louquaina, Luz, Maggie, Malanda, Nia, Renee, Stephanie, and Xavier.

1Jaida’s room in THE SITUATION ROOM at Gallery CA, November 2014.

2Crystal Goodman, October 2015.

“If I ruled the world… ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen would be the national anthem and a chicken box and a half n half would be in every restaurant.” – Dalin Haleem





4GYL! auditioning actors for LIFE AS HOLLYWOOD, November 2014.

5Still from I Have Special Powers, 2015.

“If I ruled the world… I would buy every chicken spot!”
– La’Daya Galloway



6 Still from The Real Artists of Get Your Life!, 2016.

7By Jaida, the most wealthy, beautiful and powerful woman in Ethipia of being a queen.



8 On set with Champ the pony, December 2014

9By Xavier Wade, The King


“If I ruled the world… I would make so that everyone would have to read and learn Korean language because I love South Korea and how everyone will start doing everything like Koreans. I would be the queen & South Korea love me. Thank you very much.” – Malanda Jackson



About If I Ruled The World: Presented by Press Press with support from BmoreArt, If I Ruled The World is a publication that takes inspiration from the Nas classic, “If I Ruled The World” (It Was Written, 1996), in order to facilitate artistic collaborations and conversations between a range of Baltimore-based Creatives and activists. In their responses, contributors present their most positive visions of the world, and by doing so are able to thoughtfully analyze and investigate the nuances within the struggle for equity in our city and the active role of artist within the pursuit for social change. If I Ruled The World is curated by Kimi Hanauer with direction by contributors and the Press Press team.