We are looking for submissions from Veterans in order to publish a calendar highlighting the healing power of the arts. All proceeds from the calendar will go to the Common Ground on the Hill Veterans Initiative to provide scholarships for Veterans to attend the two week music/arts program.

A few details about the project: This is a fundraiser for the Veterans Initiative and all artists will be selected by jury. Once created, calendars will be available for pre-sales, online, and in person sales.  All proceeds will go to the Common Ground on the Hill Veterans Initiative. Common Ground on the Hill assumes all rights to use the submitted artwork in the calendar and in project promotion. All selected artists will be allowed to give final permission of the completed calendar. Artists will be encouraged to promote the project on social media and with friends and family.

Artists may choose to submit visual art, literary art, or BOTH for selection. All images need to be high-quality and submitted electronically. Artists are also encouraged to submit an artist statement which could include your branch of service, inspiration behind your artwork, what you do now, what you did in the service (or still do), an artwork title, etc. It would also be great to have an artist photo to add to the calendar page!

This is a really exciting opportunity! Thank you for your involvement.

Please contact Sarah LaCoss for more information and an application: [email protected]

 And for more information about Common Ground on the Hill, see the website.