Sometimes the range of selection in art fairs is so bizarre it’s hard to believe. At Miami Project, we saw the greatest disparities between mature, solid work and stuff that would make an art school freshman cringe.

Miami Project returns in 2015 for its fourth edition, bringing the best in modern and contemporary art to the fair’s new waterfront location The Deauville Beach Resort, creating another singularly elegant environment produced with the unique attention to detail that Miami Project has become known for. Building on past years of success, including 2014’s record attendance of over 25,000 visitors, Miami Project Edition 4 will feature 60 top galleries from around the world, affording easy access to and from the Miami Beach Convention Center.”

IMG_5150Despite some rain, the swimmers were still hardcore on the beach and in the pool.IMG_5153IMG_5182IMG_5152So this is what I am talking about… For an obvious example in contrast…IMG_5171

You can purchase one of these concrete puppies on giant chains from Rebecca Hossack Gallery, NY -OR- an original Romare Beardon (pictured below!) How is this range in quality even allowed????
IMG_5200The Beardon piece is a collage on board, from ACA Galleries. And it’s gorgeous. I would totally buy this!IMG_5202Second Beardon from ACA – a Watercolor and Collage on Paper from 1987. It’s beautiful. And then, across the aisle…IMG_5204Super cloying ‘Deviant Art’ portraits of communist leaders in pink! Why? Why?

From Hashimoto Contemporary, SFIMG_5206Scott Scheidly at Hashimoto Contemporary. Does the world really need the Ayatollah Khomeini as a fashion icon? I mean, I get it. Maybe the problem is more with the frames? 12316069_10207654482470437_8684273756815227081_nA Piano Died for this: At Cardoza Fine Art, from Texas – this giant portrait was made of piano innards – keys and hammersIMG_5183At least the ballroom was still pretty!IMG_5145Familiar Baltimore faces at the Randall Scott Gallery booth! Yay!IMG_5146Works by Tim Doud and Alex EbsteinIMG_5147Jason Huges, with detail belowIMG_5148

IMG_5151A solid wall of Jason Hughes printsIMG_515512314013_10207655030564139_1595247081654679739_nTim Doud! Big and beautiful! And I just got my coffee. IMG_5157Robischon Gallery from Denver, Colorado put together a sweet booth! This was our other favorite.IMG_5158Paintings by Christian Rex Van Minnen at RobischonIMG_1522Wall Sculpture by Derrick Velasquez at RobischonIMG_1523


IMG_1527Jae Ko at RobischonIMG_1530Ted Larsen at RobischonIMG_5519Stewart is a fan! With gallery owner Jim Robischon.IMG_5160Painting by Christian Rex Van Minnen at RobischonIMG_5162Tweeting bird videos at Robischon filled the whole area with sound, but not obnoxiously.IMG_5163Linda Sales at Nancy Toomey Fine ArtIMG_5164

IMG_5165Lynda Benglis at Nancy Toomey Fine ArtIMG_5168Michael Scoggins at Victori + Mo from Brooklyn (laptop not part of piece)IMG_5172So cute it hurts: concrete puppies on chains with lots of red dots at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, NY. Seriously, who is buying this stuff ??????? There are multiple photos of these because I am having a hard time believing it.IMG_5176

IMG_5177IMG_5180IMG_5184Sculpture by Jud BergeronIMG_5185Fouladi Projects, SFIMG_5187More ALEX KATZ !!!!! at Debra Force, NYIMG_5188… and some Grace Hartigan collages, which are pretty sweet (and priced at 50k which seems high to me, compared to her paintings available in Baltimore) from Debra Force Fine Art, NY

IMG_5190Is this giant head David Spade??? It’s completely flat in profile. Stew attempts to make the same face but you can tell she’s trying not to laugh. Artist: Evan Penny. Title: No One in Particular #14 at Madelyn Jordan Fine Art.

IMG_5192Best Hotel Room Art? Yeesh. Red Butterflies by Hunt Slonem from Madelyn Jordan Fine ArtIMG_5195Best Heavy Handed Metaphor Employing a Train: Martin Mull’s ‘Arrested Development’ from Hirschl & Adler Modern, NY

IMG_5197Best Bananas turning into Arms? Best Body parts transforming into fruit?IMG_5198Best Use of Sparkles and Impasto?