Call Type: Public Art
Eligibility: National
City: Anchorage
State: Alaska
Entry Deadline: 8/14/15

Number of Applications Allowed: 2
Project: Z.J. Loussac Library Renovation 2015
Deadline for Entries: Friday, August 14, 201510:00 pm
Contact: Curator of Public Art, 1% for Art, (907) 343-6473
Amount of Commission: $7,500
Eligibility: National Call; Alaska Preference

Site Description

The art selection jury intends to commission one artist to submit a design image for perforated metal screens to be placed on the exterior of the Z.J. Loussac Library. There are a total of two metal screens. One is located above the front entry of the Loussac Library and the other will be the west facing book drop. There is a glass window behind the front entry screen that may be incorporated into the design. Please contact administrator for further information regarding the glass. The jury would like to commission one artist to submit image designs for both locations to maintain consistency in the overall design. The artist selected will work with the manufacturer of the metal screen and the architect during the final stage of the design to ensure a successful interpretation of the visual imagery onto the metal screens. The metal screen at the book drop must include the words “BOOK DROP” in the design. The front entry screen measures 21’ x 20’ and the book drop screen measures 12’ by 20’. The fabrication of the design will be done by Dri-Design,
Please refer to the 3-D renderings of the panels and manufacturer specifications included.