TFAP Day of Panels 2016

Washington, DC

Performing Identity as Intersectional

This year’s theme is the representation of identity as intersectional.  Gender, race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality are acknowledged to complicate the very categories they construct. Recognizing that feminist art is not strictly concerned with gender, but participates in a larger discourse critical of established power structures, we invite proposals that explore what it means to perform the body, to facilitate discussions of identity as multifaceted. Representing intersectional identities frame understanding across difference, and promote political alliances through intersubjectivity. The ways the body is presented and represented can elicit from the viewer a sense of self-identification by supporting conventional relationships to the body or by introducing contradictory interpretations of identities. Strategies include examinations of the intersectional as camouflage, armor, concealment, and bait; and acts of assimilation, subversion and defiance.

We welcome proposals for panels, roundtables, or individual papers/presentations from artists whose work represents, stages or performs intersectional identities; critics and curators concerned with complex interpretations of gender, race, class, and sexuality; and art historians who analyze representations against the grain to uncover unexpected meanings.

We are accepting proposals until June 20, 2015.

Please forward your proposals to:

Zoë Charlton, [email protected]; Margo Hobbs, [email protected]