Call Type: Exhibitions
Eligibility: International
City: Ventura
State: California
Fee: $20.00
Entry Deadline: 6/21/15

Dab Art’s 2015 Summer Juried Exhibition at The HUD Gallery
Dab Art’s juried shows have featured remarkable artwork from all over the world. The vintage industrial charm of The HUD Gallery in combination with Dab Art’s unique exhibition style make our juried shows one of the most coveted exhibitions in Southern California. The vaulted ceilings and suspended display walls create a distinctive and inspiring exhibition space attracting art enthusiasts and collectors from Los Angeles to the Central Coast.
For our 2015 Summer Juried Exhibition, we are looking for high impact art of all genres to exhibit in the HUD Gallery. Our mixed genre format and diverse jury panel of working artists create a genuine opportunity for all artists who enter to be invited for exhibition. Finalists will be invited to display selected works in a month long exhibition. The top three artists will be given cash awards.