Springsteen is a commercial gallery in Baltimore, MD directed by artists Hunter Bradley and Amelia Szpiech. Founded in 2013, the gallery is dedicated to showing newly established and critically engaged artists. Springsteen has moved in early 2015 from the Copycat building to a new location on Franklin Street.


Recently Exhibited Artists:

[one_third]Wickerham & Lomax
Erika Ceruzzi
Alex Ito
Alan Resnick
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
James Bouché
Peggy Chiang
Mark Wehberg[/one_third]
[one_third]Alex Ebstein
Ben Horns
Sofia Leiby
Seth Adelsberger
Jon Rafman
Steven Riddle
Val Karuskevich
Bunny Rogers
Milton Melvin Croissant III[/one_third]
[one_third_last]Justin Kelly
Hermonie Only
John Bohl
Michael Bussel
Michael Koliner
Margo Benson Malter
Nick Peelor
Colin Foster
Nick Vyssotsky[/one_third_last]


502 W Franklin Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Hours: Saturdays 1-5PM and by appointment only
[email protected]

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