Entry Deadline: 3/18/15


Images – Minimum: 6, Maximum: 8
Total Media – Minimum: 6, Maximum: 8

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 PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE (Dates subject to change except entry deadline)



    • Deadline for RFQ Submissions – March 18


    • Semi-Finalist(s) Selected – April 8


    • Finalist Selected – June 8


    • Potential Site Visit and Consultation with Design and Build Team – T.B.D 2015/2016


    • Design Proposal Due and Presentation To City Council – Projected to be July/August TBD


    • Art Fabrication and Installation – December 2015 – March 2016


    • Artist Honorarium for Selected Finalists-Range – $1,000-$3,000


    • Total Project Budget – up to $70,000






    1. Resume/CV


    1. Professional References: 3


    1. Letter of interest-a one to two page narrative outlining your qualifications and interest in this project, a general approach to this project, and previous relevant experience.


    1. Media Images: 6 required





All materials must be submitted online, via CAFÉ online application system (www.callforentry.org). There is no application fee to apply or use the CAFÉ system.






The City and County of Broomfield Public Art Committee (PAC) seeks to commission an artist or team of artists to create integrated public art work for the new Health and Human Services’ Building. The PAC will choose semifinalists who will be paid an honorarium for their proposals.  The finalists will provide refined concepts, a maquette and work plans as requested. Installation is targeted for completion by February, 2016.  Total project budget is up to $70,000.






In 2001, the City and County of Broomfield adopted a comprehensive master plan, Creative Broomfield, for cultural development supporting creation of the Cultural Affairs Division, Cultural Council and the Public Art Committee (PAC).  Formed to facilitate acquisition of public art for the City and County of Broomfield, the PAC created a public art master plan and guidelines. To review these documents and to learn more about the public art programs and permanent collection, please visit www.broomfieldpublicart.com.


The 2016 public art project will strengthen community identity and enhance a “sense of place” and community pride for people who live and work in the City and County of Broomfield. Please see the Addendum for a community profile and www.broomfield.org.






The Public Art Committee has chosen to integrate public art into the newly designed and soon to be constructed Health and Human Services’ Building.


•      Address:  100 Spader Way, Broomfield, Colorado


•      Site:  39.916519, -105.066267


•      Public Art:  integrate into the design and build of the new building focusing on two areas identified as priority:


1.   Announcing the Building. This project is envisioned as a “statement” public art installation that welcomes the public to enjoy and visit the building and includes the east entryway and lobby.


2.   Welcoming Clients. This project focuses on the building’s interior 1st floor hallway and the intention is to provide an engaging and welcoming space for users of the space.




PROJECT BUDGET   Up to $70,000


The project budget will be all-inclusive and must cover design fees, travel expenses, all materials and fabrication costs, architect/engineering fees, shipping and transportation to the site, all costs related to installation, and commercial liability insurance.  See insurance requirements in the Insurance Addendum.  Any expense that exceeds the contracted amount will be the artist’s responsibility. The artist is responsible for working with the PAC and Broomfield representatives to oversee all aspects of art installation.






Broomfield’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) envisions a facility that supports a collaborative, comprehensive, and integrated approach to promoting personal, social and environmental responsibility. We envision a facility that will reflect HHS’ dedication to serving Broomfield’s residents with integrity, creativity, dignity, and respect and provide HHS’ dedicated staff with an environment that supports them in the vital services they provide.


The building will be home to: Public Assistance and Self-Sufficiency Services; the Workforce Center; Public Health & Environmental Services; Vital Statistics;, Family and Children’s Services; CSU Cooperative Extension; Administration and Operations; and Broomfield’s Community Mental Health Center, Mental Health Partners.  This site will also provide common conference spaces to support staff, clients and the Broomfield community.


Construction drawings may be found at accessed through our FTP site. See instructions below:



    1. Please use Internet Explorer. The site will not work using Mozilla.


    1. To access The City and County of Broomfield File Transfer Protocol Site, click on the following Address:


    1. Once you have connected to the site you will be prompted to type in the following:

      Username: BroomGIS

      Password: brgqd8KC

      (Both are case sensitive).


    1. Once you have entered the site the file will be located within the folder named GIS, followed by the subfolders named BroomGIS then HHS. The construction documents are located in the HHS folder.


    1. Once you have located the files, you will be able to copy the files to your local hard drive.


    1. Files will be deleted from the FTP server once the proposal period is over.


    1. Floor Plan information: Level 1 is the first floor. Take a look at p. 70 A141 Level 1 Finish Plan. The hallway is corridor 104. Look at the line C (circled). The main entrance is the East Vestibule 100 A. The lobby to be considered is Lobby 101. The art may be interior and/or exterior trellis area (east side).





The PAC will review Request for Qualifications (RFQ) submissions to select semi-finalists for the HHS Projects.  Artists will be selected based upon past works and experience.  Semi-finalists will be paid an honorarium for refined concepts, a maquette and work plans including detailed budget as requested. Artists may be requested to give an in-person or virtual presentation to the Public Art Committee.  Semifinalist will be expected to pay for travel expenses from the honorarium.






Artists are strongly encouraged to review the PAC Guidelines prior to submitting their RFQs.  Under these guidelines, a chosen artwork must reflect:


1.    Quality:  The consideration of highest priority is the inherent artistic excellence of the artwork as well as a broad range of appeal to the general public.


2.    Timelessness:  Artwork will be viewed as a long-term acquisition that should have aesthetic relevance to the community in future years and reflect enduring artistic quality. The artwork should celebrate creativity and establish a “sense of place.”


3.    Site Compatibility and Appropriateness:  Artwork must be appropriate in scale, material, form and content for both the immediate and general, social and physical environment in which the artwork will be placed. The artwork should have connection to the chosen site.


4.    Elements of Design:  The PAC takes into account that public artwork may have consideration beyond the aesthetic; it may serve to establish focal points, define spaces, or establish a cultural identity. The artwork will be viewed from all angles; artists should consider the entire surface of the piece when planning the design.


5.    Permanence and Safety:  Consideration will be given to structural and surface integrity, permanence, and protection against theft, vandalism, weathering, and excessive maintenance and repair costs. The artwork should be durable, enduring and safe for interaction with the public, especially children. Civic buildings have a 50+ year life expectancy.


6.    Diversity:  The PAC strives for diversity in style, scale, media and artists.


Some of the public art may be installed outside and exposed to the elements, including harsh sun, high winds, wide fluctuations in temperature and moisture.  Materials must require little or no maintenance and must be able to withstand the test of time.  Painted artwork should use pigment designed to withstand the elements.


Artists are encouraged to include supplemental specialty lighting for their piece in the scope of work (as required), to be coordinated with the design team Electrical Engineer.


The piece cannot:   interfere with the movement, safety and security of pedestrians or hinder or require significant additional grounds maintenance.








Evaluation of the artist is important under the PAC Guidelines and will be considered in the final selection process.  The following criteria are important in evaluating artists:



    1. Cooperation:  Ability of the artist to work closely and cooperatively with the PAC, Broomfield staff, Contractor and the community.


    1. Presentation:  Ability of the artist to clearly describe concepts.


    1. Technical Feasibility:  Ability of the artist to carry out the concepts described in the proposed artwork including permanence and public safety.


    1. Timeliness:  The ability of the artist to deliver the artwork according to the agreed schedule.


    1. Aesthetic Standard:  The PAC shall have the right to withhold recommending acceptance of the work to City Council until it clearly meets standards of artistic achievement agreed upon by a majority of the PAC members.



Working with the design team, the PAC will choose potential art designs and make recommendations to City Council.  The commissioned art installation(s) are projected to be completed and installed by February, 2016.  The finalists will contract with the City and County of Broomfield.






The Request for Qualifications is open to all professional artists residing and working in the United States, Colorado artists are encouraged to apply.






The deadline to submit a complete RFQ is March 18, 2015. Applications must be submitted through CAFÉ at https://www.callforentry.org.  Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.






Cheryl German, Cultural Affairs Administrative Technician




[email protected]




Karen Gerrity, Cultural Affairs Manager




[email protected]









Located approximately 11 miles east of the Rocky Mountain foothills, Broomfield began as a small agrarian community in the latter part of the 19th century.  With the creation of the Crescent Grange in 1898, the area grew to support businesses.  Between 1900 and 1956, about 100 people lived on farmland around the area.


In 1950, a toll road was constructed between Boulder and Denver, and a tollbooth was placed in Broomfield.  A master plan for a model city was created in 1955 and development in the area began.  By the time the city was incorporated in 1961, the population had grown to 6,000.  Through a variety of annexations, the city grew until 1989, when its boundaries fell in four counties.  In 1995, infrastructure was built to support a high-tech business park and a retail district.


In 1998, voters passed a constitutional amendment that created Colorado’s 64th county, the City and County of Broomfield.  The transition to City and County in 2001 provided the opportunity for Broomfield to become a pioneer in City and County government organization.


Broomfield is growing at a significant rate, with a current population of 62,000.  Growth and development are encouraged and carefully managed.  The City and County spans 33.6 square miles, 32% of which is dedicated to parks and open space.  Broomfield is very proud of the opportunities it offers citizens and visitors to enjoy mountain views and a large network of paths and parks.  Broomfield is a family-oriented community, and the PAC envisions that public art purchased and created for Broomfield will reflect that character and provide an interactive, welcoming experience for those who live, work and visit here.


For a brief history of Broomfield, go to http://www.broomfield.org/index.aspx?NID=386. To view the 50th Anniversary video, Broomfield: Spirit of the American Dream, as well as other Broomfield history videos, go to http://www.broomfield.org/index.aspx?NID=1640. Current books about Broomfield are Gem of the Mountain Valley by Laura Spitler, Broomfield: Changes Through Time by Silvia Pettem, and Legendary Locals of Broomfield by Carol Turner.






VISION: “Broomfield Health and Human Services is a dynamic, responsive group of people, steadfast in our efforts to serve humanity. Our calling is perpetual, visionary, and resolute; it is a journey of boundless discovery, inspiration and perseverance.”


MISSION: “We exist in partnership with the community to recognize, develop and promote opportunities that encourage personal, social and environmental responsibility. We value the health and safety of our citizens and are dedicated to serve Broomfield with integrity, creativity, dignity, and respect.”





    1. Local government should be more accessible, customer friendly and responsive to Broomfield citizens.


    1. Service delivery should be provided within the community.


    1. Services should be consolidated and coordinated.


    1. Business processes should be simplified.


    1. Service delivery should be streamlined.


    1. Local control and accountability should be increased.


    1. Broomfield revenues should purchase or provide services in Broomfield.


    1. Services delivered and programs should meet legal mandates and provide, at least, an equivalent level of current service availability by the four counties.


    1. Services and programs should be cost effective.


    1. Human Services should focus on prevention, wellness, and be customized to meet the unique needs of Broomfield families and individuals.


    1. Innovative program and integrated funding strategies should be implemented.


    1. Participation of the community in the planning and development of County functions and services should be treated with courtesy and respect to support and maintain their dignity.








    • We value integrity, the consistency between what we say and what we do, built upon the foundation of honesty, ethics, courage, accountability, responsibility, and justice.


    • We value respect, consideration, courtesy, humor, and dignity.


    • We value people, their uniqueness and diversity.


    • We value challenge, perseverance, and determination.


    • We value the whole picture and integration through flexibility, creativity, openness, and reciprocal relationships.


    • We value celebrations, successes, and the contributions of all.


    • We value education, learning, and growth.


  • We value mind-body-spirit integration and life balance.