GUEST SPOT is an independently run artist exhibition space in Baltimore, Md. The unique curatorial program focuses on ideas surrounding impermanence and liminal context within a home dwelling. Artists and curators will have the opportunity to install work in a mixed use space, thus challenging the singularity of commercial space and exploring the delicate relationship between space and purpose. Invited non-local artists and curators are welcome to stay as a guest during installation, providing opportunities for exchange with the local scene.


1715 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Saturday 1pm-4pm / Wednesdays 5pm-7pm
or by appointment unless otherwise noted.

Contact: rodmalin(at)guestspot(dot)org


THE REINSTITUTE: School for Innovation and Self-Accreditation for the Arts and Sciences

The Reinstitute is a critique put into practice; an idea generated from a place of personal growth and opposition to a fixed mode. It is a school that detaches itself from traditional definitions, while at the same time aspiring to the contextualization of such means. The school’s focus is to reorient art accreditation squarely with the artist and his relationship with the studio. Rather than depending on a value structure that relies on a historic preserve, the school will focus on programing that is reflective of new initiatives and experimentation. The school will examine the influence of the dominant structures of the so-called learned art practice and how these structures impede on the delicate relationship between artists and their processes.

Open Courses at THE REINSTITUTE: Classes in the form of workshops, panel discussions, lectures, and critiques will be open to the public.

“The commonwealth requires the education of people as a safe guard of order and liberty.”