Entry Deadline: 12/12/14
Days remaining to deadline: 7


Images – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 9
Total Media – Minimum: 1, Maximum: 9

Entry Fee (Just My Height): $10.00

Just My Height Art Shows
2460 SW 18th Avenue, #1307
Miami, FL, 33145
Contact: [email protected]
Founder: Christine Lyall (
On Facebook at “Just My Height Art Shows”

Theme: Letters & Numbers
Title: To Be Determined
Medium: All
Artist Notification: by December 19, 2014
Art Delivery Date: by Friday, January 16, 2015
Host Gallery:   Pyramid Studios, 8890 SW 129th Terrace, Miami, FL, 33176

Opening Reception: Friday, January 23, 2015
Show Dates: January 23, 2015 – February 27, 2015

Just My Height Art Shows

Whether it’s abstract or realistic, contemporary or classic, or anything in-between, young children love art. They have a natural appreciation for and curiosity about art, and they often see and respond to art in ways that adults, who can sometimes be a bit more detached and critical, do not. But unless an art show is designed specifically for children (which usually means the art is juvenile in nature), most fine art shows exclude children as part of the audience by displaying the pieces too high for them to see. “Just My Height” Art Shows aims to change that.

While it’s true that, in most cases, adults are the intended audience for fine art shows, “Just My Height” asks: Why should it always be that way? When it’s so easy to just move the artwork down a few inches—to young children’s eye level—why not let children see the art, too? Why not expose young children to professional-quality art in order to cultivate an appreciation for art at a younger age?

Just My Height brings fine art to young children’s eye level by lowering the artwork to 36 inches from the ground. It’s a simple concept but one that Just My Height Founder and Artist Christine Lyall had never seen anyone do before … until now.

With artwork displayed at 36 inches, children as young as 3 years old (and older, of course!) can see the same artistic touches that adults see, from the brush strokes on a canvas to the hand-sewn stitches in fiber art to the welded seams in a metal sculpture—and so much more! And you might be surprised by what young children will “see.”

With governments cutting back on arts funding and school districts slashing their arts education budgets, it’s increasingly important to find other ways to cultivate children’s appreciation for art. Just My Height strives to do this with its innovative, yet simple, approach to hanging fine art shows. Building upon the success of its first two shows, which featured only South Florida artists, Just My Height is now “opening the floor” to artists from across the United States.

For the show in January of 2015, Just My Height will organize arts-related games and activities for the children, based on the artwork it selects. Just My Height also invites all featured artists to attend (if possible), so they can be on site to talk to the children—and the adults!—about their artwork.


  • The theme for the show in January is show is “Letters and Numbers.” Think: Jasper Johns, Roman Opalka, Jaume Plensa and Mira Schendel. For more contemporary examples, think: Lance Letscher, Keira Rathbone or Brian Dettmer.

The artwork does not need to be “childish” in nature but it should be family friendly (no nudity and no profanity). It will be strictly of the jurors’ discretion as to whether a piece is appropriate for all ages.

Eligibility & Acceptable Forms of Art

  • Open to professional and emerging artists residing in the United States.
  • Artists must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Any kind of artwork is acceptable (2-dimensional, 3-dimensional), as well as any medium (paint, photography, encaustic, fiber, ceramic, wood, collage, mixed media, etc.), but it must not exceed 20 inches on any side, including the frame (if it’s framed).
  • Frames are not mandatory for pieces that are on canvas or mounted on wood or metal, but any pieces that need framing should be framed by the artist and must be ready for exhibition at time of arrival. The show organizers will not “assemble” or “install” any artwork.
  • All artwork must have been completed within the past three (3) years.

Submitting Entries

  • Digital entry (using the system); JPEG format, at least 72 dpi and no more than 300 dpi; no less than 1,920 pixels at the longest dimension; no larger than 5MB.
  • All digital files must be labeled with artist’s first initial and last name, followed by entry number (i.e.: j.smith01)
  • All entries must include accurate text descriptions for each image submitted, including: Title, Year Completed, Medium, and Dimensions.
  • All entries must include avalue in US dollars; no piece should exceed $1,000 in value.
  • Sculptors may send as many as 3 images per entry; all 2-dimensional entries should include only one image.
  • Please include with your entries your artist bio and statement; we will use this information to prepare publicity materials and exhibition collateral materials.
  • Only the images seen in the application can represent the work that will be exhibited.

Sales and Commissions

  • All artwork must be for sale and must not exceed $1,000 in value.
  • Pyramid Studios, the host gallery, will take a 40% commission on all sales.

Selection Notification and Shipping of Artwork

  • Once notified of being selected for the show (by December 19, 2014), all artists will be responsible for all shipping (both to and from the gallery) and their insurance costs, and all work must arrive at Pyramid Studios by Friday, January 16, 2015.
  • Any works that are being shipped must include a RETURN label and receipt of payment for return shipping, as well as a sufficient return shipping container. Just My Height will not be responsible for any damage during shipment.

Other Details

  • Just My Height reserves the right to photograph exhibited work and/or use the artists’ digital images for reproduction in both printed and electronic materials for publicity.

The Jurors

Just My Height Art Shows Founder Christine Lyall will be the main Juror/Curator for this show. You can read more about Christine and view some of her artwork at

Assisting Christine will be Guest Juror/Curator Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, a full-time artist born and educated in France who now lives and works in Miami, Florida. She works extensively with children in the arts and has been featured in, organized and curated a number of art shows, including shows for  French artists living in South Florida. You can learn more about Benedicte and view some of her work at

The jurors’ selections will be based on originality in interpretation of the theme (letters and numbers), level of technical skill, quality of workmanship, originality of design as represented in the images submitted, and appropriateness for young children.

You can learn more about Just My Height Art Shows, as well as see photos from its previous shows, by visiting its Facebook page. Just enter “Just My Height Art Shows” in the Search bar.