Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 10.11.05 PMAs usual, Art F City covered it first: What the Shutdown Means for Art, in Tweets by Whitney Kimball. If you are wondering how badly the government shutdown will suck, specifically for you, as an artist, then you must read this article.

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I just realized that Fractured Atlas has provided health insurance for artists for many years. Now, finally, they don’t have to anymore!! Read more at the Fractured Atlas Blog: Health Insurance is No Longer an Artist-Specific Problem. Cheers!

06If you’ve ever wondered what kitchy kitchen items and environments would look like, completely rendered in beads, here it is at Beautiful Decay. Liza Lou’s Incredible Sculptures And Room Sized Installations Created Out Of Beads by Pauli Ochi. These are pretty amazing, and not just in an OCD kind of a way.

PIX_Intro01Metropolis Magazine presents The Select Ten: Design’s leading voices help us identify the next wave of burgeoning talent. Written by Baltimore’s Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Jade Chang, and other staff.

de_koonigAlthough it has already been described as “something you’d find in a colonoscopy,” this new sculpture by renowned artist Willem de Kooning has arrived at Johns Hopkins campus. Don’t worry – this ‘Reclining Figure’ is on 5-year loan from The Willem de Kooning Foundation. Brian Shields has the story at the JHU Hub.

wodzianski_image_982wAnd if you are wanting to know more about the (e)merge art fair, check out The Washington Post Blog: Five weird and wonderful works at the (e)merge art fair by Maura Judkiss


also read some (e)snark from Kriston Capps, in Four Artists to See at the Third Annual (e)merge Art Fair, at the Washington City Paper. He suggests the relationship between the Phillips Collection acquisitions and the (e)prize isn’t quite kosher, but recommends four artists for the prize, regardless.

1384045_573383256062070_2030249521_nNews Flash: The 2013 Phillips Prize for Emerging Art goes to Si Jae Byun, ‘Wind #7 in Jungle,’ exhibited by Washington Project for the Arts.


And, for those of you who have not yet figured out how to accomplish your Halloween dreams, check out these images for inspiration at Flavorwire: 20 Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes By Emily Temple.

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