The country boys with roots in the county are at it again, bringing their Saturday afternoon Americana to the turntable with their latest release, “The Quick and the Don’t Get Any.” But don’t let their name fool you, Mike Beresh and the fellas are no devils. Their songs are infused with a sweet harmony and often tender approach to their topics, which are comprised of both traditional and current themes. “My Darlin’” is a stand up and shuffle your feet standout, infused with echoes of the timeless tune, “Shady Grove.” More current is “Emily’s Tattoo,” which features catchy lyrics like “pain is the anchor/like God is the banker.”

The album invites you in with the whispered “Beatlemania vs. Gun Control,” a surprisingly quiet introduction to the multi-layered vocals and instrumentation that continue throughout. Overall, it is a enjoyable listen that would lend itself well to a live show.  Although “Mentally Ill” seems like the odd-man out, it has the potential for crowd participation. And these songs are suited for a crowd… or simply for a listen in the sunshine of an autumn afternoon.



To hear The Country Devils, here’s a link to Youtube videos from 9/18 @ ottobar & artomatic fest.


* Author Betty Davis loves music (sweet, sweet music).  That being said, she does not believe that the world needs another cover of “Poncho and Lefty.”

Photo by Nina Brooks. (Band L 2 R – Jon Harvey, Jason Harkins, Michael Beresh, Bob Brooks, and Dave Hubbard )