According to them, the annual Baltimore Summer Antiques Show is “where knowledgeable collectors and dealers acquire antiques.” Additional PR materials from their website say that it is the largest summer indoor antiques show in the USA. It is now in its 33rd year and includes  575 International Dealers and a 90-dealer Antiquarian Book Fair.

I do not collect antiques, but I am a great lover of tsotchkes, so I figured why not go? This was my first giant fair of antiques and it was just as overwhelming as an art fair. There was a lot of artwork mixed in with antique jewelry, rugs, furniture, and other random and sundry housewares, and, for the most part the artwork was hilariously awful. If you are looking to purchase a faux impressionist painting or a Warholian ‘signature’ piece, this is the place. (I will admit I liked the Warhol sketches.) Did I buy anything? Nope. But I did find some pretty amazing things, both from a beauty standpoint and a ‘scratch your head/not understand at all’ perspective. All are pictured below for your viewing pleasure.

IMG_5559Andy Warhol: To Shoe or Not To Shoe


IMG_5557Lions? Dogs? Not sure, but cute.

IMG_5529Faux Caravaggios and Renaissance-ish Bust?

IMG_5530This band of monkeys in wigs was one of my favorites.

IMG_5556I want them all. I want my house to look like this.

IMG_5531Amazing shades of blue glass!




IMG_5534Wall weavings


IMG_5536I definitely need this.

IMG_5537Interesting juxtaposition





IMG_5543King Charles Cavalier book ends? Salt and Pepper shakers?

IMG_5544Political correctness was not on sale at the Antiques Fair

IMG_5545A sculpture of a small boy and a large stinky boot – a must have ?



IMG_5549‘Saxing Around’ is a giant sculpture of a Saxaphone made of golf clubs painted sparkley gold. I’m not sure how this is, technically, an antique, unless the 80’s are now part of antiquity.



IMG_5552We all need giant dolla bills!


IMG_5554Decorative moldings