Maryland Federation of Art presents its bi-annual national juried exhibition of fiber arts, Fiber Options: Material Explorations.

The exhibit features seventy-one original works by sixty-three artists. The juror, J. Susan Isaacs selected the exhibition from over 300 works by artists representing thirty-two states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada.

The exhibit celebrates inventive use of materials, techniques, and processes— including weaving, embroidery, quilting, knitting, crochet, applique, dyed textiles, felting, etc. —from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Joh Ricci, ‘Sisters: Deeply Rooted & Down to Earth’, 
knotting: nylon, artist-dyed nylon, Japanese paper 

Artists Include: Miyuki Akai Cook, Susana M. Almuina, Marie Bergstedt, Shari E. Boraz, Elena Brebenel, Laurie Carlson Steger, Marilyn Casto, Kristen Noel Cermele, Erin Minckley Chlaghmo, Sandra Palmer Ciolino, Sandra S Clark, Eden Adriana Collins, Christina Conklin, Marie France Cournoyer, Laurie Dorinne D’Alessandro, Patricia Hagan DaRif, Jennifer Davies, Elise Nicole Deringer, Joanna Marie Donchatz, Emily A. Dvorin, Erin Endicott, Rachelle Gardner, Mary T. Giehl, Arin Han, Rowan Williams Haug, Heather Clark Hilliard, Phyllis Gillie Jaffe, Deborah Johnson, Donna June Katz, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Gay E. Lasher, Jooseal Lee, Ajay Leister, Terri Lindbloom, Aryana Brienna Londir, Elaine Longtemps, Sarah Matson, Christine Marie Mauersberger, Caroline McCatty, Courtney Elizabeth Miller Bellairs, Candace Mooers, Gillian Moss, Melanie Joy Munns, Patrice O’Neill, Martha Opdahl, Pamela Palma, Christine Paquet, Michael C. Radyk, Joh Ricci, Leisa Rich, Rebecca Kate Ringquist, Ruan Robertson, Sara Ruddy, Cathleen Rita Sachse, Karen Schulz, Sommer Sheffield, Maria Christine Shell, Anna Showers-Cruser, L. Susan Stark, Ruth Tabancay, Charlotte L. Thorp, Nancy OD Wilson

Reception: Meet the Artists and Juror at the opening reception on Sunday, July 29, from 3 to 6 pm. Cash awards totaling $1,000 will be presented at 4:30pm The exhibition and reception are FREE and open to the public.

Donna Katz, Hoagy Carmichael Sampler (Stardust), 
thinned acrylic on unbleached muslin, hand-painted, hand-quilted