Marty Weishaar: SEA I MADe IT
Rosenberg Gallery at Goucher College
Exhibit Dates: October 25 through December 4, 2011

In Sea I MADe IT, Marty Weishaar forms symbolic relationships between traditional and nontraditional materials with various historical approaches, such as intuitive abstraction and conceptualism. Connections are made-between two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects, battle ships, systematic abstract paintings, diarist drawings, airplanes, and bridges.

From the exhibition catalogue: Geometric abstraction, paintings, and installation. Organized together, sharing space, each element evaluates, mirrors, and criticizes the other-there is no hierarchy of materials, or of symbols, or between drawing, painting, and sculpture, so each system points out the strengths and the pitfalls of the other.

Sea I MADe IT is not just a play of craftily made projects, but an exercise in finding linear and nonlinear organizational strategies between high art and craft. It is an exhibition of the process, the product, and the attitude. It is a rearranging of the discourse between style and technique-text to ships to abstraction; sculpture to drawing to painting; high art and craft.