Baltimore Open City
April 1st to May 15th, 2011 at the North Avenue Market
16 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 2-8 PM

An open city is a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of such things as wealth, race, age, or religion. In every neighborhood of an open city, one feels like he or she belongs. However in Baltimore—as in most American metropolitan areas—issues like housing discrimination, bad public transportation, and the privatization of public space separate people, and create an uneven distribution of health, wealth, and education.

“For the exhibition Baltimore: Open City, students of Maryland Institute College of Art’s Exhibition Development Seminar invited scholars, activists, community-based organizations, local artists, and visiting artist Damon Rich to create a series of installations, workshops, and other public programs that investigate the ways in which Baltimore is and is not an open city. We welcome our neighbors to join us in exploring what a more open city might look and feel like.”

Don’t Miss! This Friday, April 8th @ 7-9 p.m.

Arm Wrestling Tournament

The Arm Wrestling Tournament is a safe, (mostly) painless way to duke it out with an Open City friend or foe @ the North Avenue Market.