OF OTHER SPACES: Annual Printmaking Department Juried Exhibition
Maryland Institute College of Art – Rosenburg Gallery
Opening Reception April 1st, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Of Other Spaces is curated by Benjamin Levy, Curatorial Assistant of Prints Drawings & Photographs Department at The Baltimore Museum of Art, as well as Senior Printmaking Majors.

Dimensionality in art seeks to unite various sources and establish a connection between the artist and audience. Printmaking utilizes dimensionality by its active interaction with materials, the nature of the mark on a surface, and the historical reference of the field.

This exhibition presents work that is technically strong in the traditions of print media while simultaneously inviting the viewer into a realm of stimulation and personal interpretation. The artists physically and intellectually utilize print as a means to access the collective unconscious transcendent of a specific point in time.

Within the exhibition, physical space functions differently than it used to: space is constructed and exploited to create a dynamic flow of energy between its contents. They exceed beyond one moment in a pursuit to spread the imagined thought, and establish a permanent connection with an audience.