Jarrett Min Davis
Katherine Mann

Subbasement Artist Studios, located at 118 North Howard Street, presents “Constructs”, an exhibition of five painters who explore their identities through image-making. Curated by Timothy Horjus, and featuring artwork by Pete Cullen, Ian MacLean Davis, Jarrett Min Davis, Katherine Mann and René Treviño, Constructs explores how heritage, visual culture, and consumerism inform the artists’ aesthetics. Through the tradition of painting, each artist investigates the cultural constructs that define us all.

Opening reception date: Saturday March 5th, 5-7pm,
Exhibition closing date: April 2nd, 2011.

Gallery visiting hours: M-F by appointment, 11am-5pm Saturdays. For more information contact Jeffrey Kent at 410-659-6950 or [email protected], or contact Tim Horjus at [email protected] Learn more about Subbasement Artist Studios at http://www.subbasementartiststudios.com