Send-Off Party: Friday October 29th 7-10PM
Exhibition Dates: October 22nd – 29th

“Moving to Utopia” Documents the efforts of Barry Febos, a young ecologically minded artist, as he sets out to begin a tour back and forth across the United States in his waste vegetable oil powered Volkswagen with the goal of finding a more sustainable way of life. Through a live-in exhibition of photos, drawings, maps and video as well as an archive of necessary possessions and a silent auction of the unnecessary, you’re invited to take an intimate look at a quest for sustainable living.

Barry will be moving into the gallery space for a period of one week along with all of his belongings, as he proceeds to uncover his past and present impact on the world and to chart out a more ecological future. He will be cataloguing and pairing down all of his current possessions and resources to create an archive of those supplies that will be needed for his quest as well as relevant documents, drawings and videos. Each possession that is not needed will be gifted, sold, or bartered to those who can make the best use of it*. The show will also serve as an adhoc exhibition of utopian projects and sites across the country which have inspired this quest, as well as the friendships, camp sites, and potential waste veggie oil sources that will sustain it. This process will be visible to the public throughout the week via the gallery’s display window on Howard Street.

*Bidding on Barry’s surplus belongings will take place by silent auction during the reception, and afterwards on the web, all proceeds benefit Barry’s quest for utopia.