Friday, April 23-Sunday, May 2
Gallery Talks: Tuesday, April 27, 3-5 p.m. and Wednesday, April 28, 1-3 p.m.
Fox Building: Decker, Meyerhoff, and Fox 3 galleries (1303 W. Mount Royal Ave.)

Featuring: Natalie Andrews (Rinehart School of Sculpture), Calder Brannock (Rinehart), Deng-Yao Chang (Mount Royal School of Art), Graham Coreil-Allen (Mount Royal), Steven Cummings (Photographic & Electronic Media), Ben Kelley (Rinehart), Jeffrey Kent (Hoffberger School of Painting), Lawrence Lee (Mount Royal), Joshua Lefchick (Hoffberger), Joe Letourneau (Rinehart), Christina Martinelli (Rinehart), Michel Modell (Hoffberger), James Singwald (Photographic & Electronic Media), Ailsa Staub (Rinehart), and Neil Jones (Photographic & Electronic Media).

(Note: Graham Coreil-Allen’s Public Sites thesis project has select tour dates. Click here for more information. And Deng-Yao Chang’s Gallery Intimacy Acts performance piece invites the public to sleep over in the Decker Gallery. Click here for more information.) For an online slide show of artwork in this exhibition, click here.

Calder Brannock’s Camper Contemporary Gallery
open 12-6 every day, so come and visit him.

The interior of Camper Contemporary

Tours of Baltimore by Graham Coreil-Allen

Christina Martinelli

Alisa Staub

Steven Cummings

Deng-Yao Chang

Jeffrey Kent

Joshua Lefchick

Michelle Modell

Lawrence Lee and Michell Modell

Lawrence Lee

Joe Letourneau

Benjamin Kelley

Neil Jones

Natalie Andrews… mid-crit in the gallery

James Singewald