Propositions, an exhibition curated by Stephen G. Dewyer and featuring Neal Reinalda, Ding Ren, Glen Shrum, and Elena Volkova, emerged from the murky depths of Area 405, an artist run space in the Station North Arts District.

There were word pieces spread around the space, some bold and others incognito, by Ding Ren. The one below projects text into a corner of the space, with Elena Volkova’s drawing on the left.

Sarada Conaway makes animal heads, a collaboration with Ren’s projection, which reads “A Proposition starts with a Line.”

Other, scattered pieces by Ding Ren include matching specific islands to natural occuring paint scratches on the wall of the former factory. She includes a small plaque with each, detailing the history of each island.

Other site specific works, including Neil Reinalda’s “One Act Play,” comprised of a glass of water, plank, brick, and time. For now, it is balanced. I get it. I am also a fan of the pilsner pint glass.

Glen Shrum’s lighting apparatus creates an original photogram on the light sensitive canvas positioned below. Lights on timers created a sense of drama and timing in the space, as well as multiple angles for print exposure.

Lauren Schott and Zlata Baum, bathed in Glen Shrum’s lighting-interval installation/print piece.

This is the beer line I think, above. Below, a window installation by photographer Elena Volkova confused many and subtly tickled others. Elena carefully photographed individual window panes and covered them with prints the exact size of the pane. Suspended on tiny wires, these dusky hued windows blended in perfectly.

Looking at Elena Volkova’s ‘Window Project’ installation…

On the other side of the room, Volkova’s almost white drawings on white paper.

I’m not sure if this white screen was part of the art or some kind of divider, but Shrum’s ever-changing lights did create some interesting, Kara Walker-esque shadows.

Elena Volkova and I, staying warm.

Propositions Exhibition: 15 February – 29 March 2009
At Area 405 — For more information, visit