Rudy Shepherd, Geoff Grace, and Cara Ober

Storytellers is an exhibit of two Baltimore artists – Jeffrey Kent and Rachel Bone, two Philadelphia artists – Josh Weiss and Nicole Barrick, and two New York artists – Ridley Howard and Saya Woolfalk. This show was curated by Cara Ober, Dana Reifler, and Rudy Shepherd. It included not just paper, but also painting, and a video by Woolfalk called ‘Ethnography of No Place.’

Saya Woolfalk

Drawings by Ridley Howard and Rachel Bone

Drawings by Josh Weiss

Mysterious Knife by Nicole Barrick

Nicole Barrick – I LOVE this one!

Josh Weiss

Nicole Barrick

Drawing by Ridley Howard, in foreground

Paintings by Josh Weis and Work on Paper by Nicole Barrick

Painting by Jeffrey Kent ‘Justify My Thug’

Drawings by Rachel Bone

Dana Reifler, Rudy Shepherd, and Cara Ober

Josh Weis, Amy, and Dana

Dana and Nicole Barrick

Rachel Bone, on the right

Rudy Shepherd and Rick Dulaney

Dana Reifler, Jeffrey Kent, and Amy Sherald

Sarah Nix and Jason Pastrana from The Light Gallery, new friends up the street.