Quasi-Painting by GW Graduate Student Patrick McDonough

Photo by Sarah Wilmer, Works on Paper by Sarah Gamble, Cut Paper Drawing by Nikki Painter

Works by AU Grad student Nikki Painter, and paintings by MICA student Alex Roulette

Paintings by Isabel Manalo, left, and Amy Sherald, right.

Checking out a smaller painting by Alex Roulette

Getting ready for the night…

Catching my breath with wall piece by MICA grad student Katherine Mann and photos by Julie Simon.

Katherine Mann’s large work on paper.

Baltimore and DC friends!

I made Nikki Painter pose with her work.

MICA students unite.

Katherine Mann in front of her works, but she is camouflaged by friends. Smart girl.

I made Alex Roulette pose in front of his paintings, too.

Amy Sherald and Valeska Populoh.

Jeff and the girls came out to represent!

Julie Simon and husband Vin Grabill.

The Randall in action!

More Baltimore friends! Yay!

Richard and Lena with adorable pup!

Melissa Dickenson, Frank Phillips, and Amy Sherald

Drawing by Isabel Manalo

Cheri Landry and Carlos Tarrats

Me and adorable pup!

I found Patrick McDonough and took a picture of him with his work.