NADA Art Fair…
Hammocks and a garden in the front … art inside.

I thought this was interesting… White Columns had a series of ten small prints, each by a different artist, each an edition of 10, each for $150 bucks. You can see some of the prints already have ten red dots. I know – chump change, compared with a 20g painting, but still — this is making good work available to people who want to buy it. And who can resist the $150 price tag? You say bargain basement/ I say innovation.

Then, the Aqua Hotel Fair at Night… I am not a huge fan of hotel fairs (art on beds, etc. = weird bad) but at least this one was a cute hotel with a nice open flow to it. Two floors – up and down – and a gallery in each room.

Some of the spaces paid extra to have the beds and other furniture removed for a more professional gallery feel. Nice concrete floors! And, other galleries kept the bed and did away with the pretense – it’s a hotel, it’s costing an arm and a leg, so why not sleep on it?

This is the view out from the Aqua hotel upstairs balcony. It’s a cute little hotel wedged in between the beach giants. Friends from DC and the Midwest … ? You can tell they are artists because of their glasses.

The two best heads of dreadlocks of the evening… And, below, LOOK MA! More taxidermied animals with clothes on. This was a really big thing this year. It reminds me of the Westminster barbershop where I got my hair cut as a kid and my longing to pet the taxidermied squirrels and foxes. Poor little guys.